Party Bus Baton Rouge - Livingston Louisiana Bars


29285 S Frost Rd | Livingston, LA 70754 | (225) 686-7721

Wayne's Real Pit Barbecue is a neighborhood establishment that's known for their low and slow smoked meats. Whether it's a slab of brisket or a simple pulled pork sandwich, you'll find that there's a lot to love here. The fried okra is a great appetizer while you're waiting for your meal. The service is always efficient here.


Hwy 190 | Livingston, LA 70754 | (225) 123-7070

China One is a Chinese restaurant with quite a lot to enjoy! From the fresh vegetables to the friendly service, it's easy to see why so many individuals choose this as their lunch and dinner choice in Livingston. There's also a buffet option if you're looking to really customize what it is you're putting on your plate. Try the egg rolls.


29678 S Frost Rd | Livingston, LA 70754 | (225) 686-2227

Hi Ho Barbeque 5 is another great barbecue establishment for you to consider. We love the diverse menu here! There's also a convenient drive through for you to consider when you're looking to get a delicious burger or Mexican food. Everything here tastes home made, and that's another reason why we're confident you'll love eating here.


13914 Florida Blvd | Livingston, LA 70754 | (225) 686-7927

G and J Drive Inn is a traditional American style cafe with a drive through attached. This is a good stop if you're looking for a late night dinner that isn't going to break the bank. They have great catfish and hamburgers here, so be sure to consider it for lunch as well. The waitresses will greet you when a smile as you walk in.


29565 S Frost Rd | Livingston, LA 70754 | (225) 686-3267

Cafe Jeaux is a coffee destination in Livingston, and we know you'll have a great time starting your day off here. There are freshly made pastries and desserts to choose from as well as sandwiches if you're looking for a quick lunch. Be sure to ask about their soups, as they're made from scratch each and every morning. There's nothing better.


29710 S Range Rd | Livingston, LA 70754 | (225) 686-2401

Subway is a fast food establishment that's known through out the country for being an affordable, healthy, and filling option for lunch or dinner. They're always expanding their menu too, as you can now order things like pizza and salads that are completely customized to your liking. Be sure to stop in for a wholesome lunch today.